Module Appear TV EPG EP200
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Module EPG EP200 Regeneration of EPG tables
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Appear TV has a wide range of input modules that make it the most effective content aggregation solution on the market. An input module
Analyze incoming transport flows and extract selected MPEG services from the desired physical input interface (eg, ASI, IP, DVB-S / S2,
DVB-S / S2X, DVB-C, DVB-T / T2, ISDB-T and 8VSB). Each type of input module is based on the built-in hardware design that offers high density and
trust. The ability to mix input types freely within a chassis allows multiple MPEG transport streams that come from a variety of sources to be received and processed in parallel. The received signals can be demodulated, demultiplexed and distributed to other modules of the Chassis through the backplane.

There is a wide range of available input modules, including IP, ASI, DVB-S / S2, DVB-S / S2X, DVB-C, DVB-T / T2, ISDB-T and 8VSB. The chassis supports
Any combination of input modules limited only by the available slot space. Each input module is designed to receive up to 850Mbit / s of MPEG TS Rate or 250 services. In the re-multiplexing mode, all services are demultiplexed by the input module before moving to the backplane. Unused services are blocked by the input module to avoid further propagation, which increases efficiency.



EIT table from any port, XMLTV


Re-generated EIT table

Main Features


• Re-generation of EIT schedule on selected output ports
• Gathers EIT information from all input ports
• EPG data is filltered and regenerated to reflect new channelplan
• Supports multiple of networks
• Configurable play out rate with prioritization
• Configurable period to be played out
• EPG synchronization between multiple ATV units
• 1 slot wide


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