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Switch Huawei S5731-H24T4XC 24 ports GE and 4 ports 10 G SFP+ 

Switch Huawei  S5731-H24T4XC of 24 ports GE and 4 ports of 10 G SFP + for uplink. Power supply in 600 W, supports double source.

CloudEngine S5731-H series switches are brand-new enhanced gigabit access switches that provide all-GE electrical downlink ports, fixed 10GE uplink ports, and one extended slot.

CloudEngine S5731-H delivers gigabit connectivity at the aggregation or access layer in large and midsize campuses, at the core layer in branches and small campuses, and at the access layer in data centers. Integrating native WLAN AC capabilities to support up to 1024 WLAN APs, CloudEngine S5731-H enables you to converge your wired and wireless networks for simplified operations. It also offers free mobility to deliver consistent user experience and VXLAN-based virtualization to create a multi-purpose network. With built-in security probes, CloudEngine S5731-H supports abnormal traffic detection, Encrypted Communications Analytics (ECA), and network-wide threat deception.

  • SKU: S5731-H24T4XC

Switch Huawei  S5731-H24T4XC of 24 ports GE and 4 ports 10 G SFP+.

The CloudEngine S5731-H series switches are the next-generation intelligent gigabit fixed switches developed by Huawei. The CloudEngine S5731-H builds on Huawei's unified Versatile Routing Platform (VRP) and boasts various IDN features. For example, the integrated wireless AC capabilities can manage up to 1,024 wireless APs; the free mobility feature ensures consistent user experience; the VXLAN functionality implements network virtualization; and built-in security probes support abnormal traffic detection, threat analysis even in encrypted traffic, and network-wide threat deception. With these merits, the CloudEngine S5731-H can function as core switches for small-sized campus networks and branches of medium- and largesized campus networks, and also work as access switches for Metropolitan Area Network.





24 × 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports, 4 × 10 Gig SFP+

Extended Slots

One extended slot, support 2 x 40GE QSFP+, 2 x 25GE SFP28 or 8 x 10GE SFP+, 8*10GE Base-T cards

Wireless Services

Management of up to 1024 APs

AP access control, AP domain management, and AP configuration template management

Radio channel management, unified static configuration, and dynamic centralized management

WLAN basic services, QoS, security, and user management

CAPWAP, tag/terminal location, and spectrum analysis


Collection of real-time statistics on the number of lost packets and packet loss ratio at network and device levels

Super Virtual Fabric (SVF)

Functions as the parent node to virtualize downstream switches and APs vertically as one device for simpler management

Supports a two-layer client architecture

Supports third-party devices between SVF parent and clients


VXLAN L2 and L3 gateways

Centralized and distributed gateways


Configured through the NETCONF protocol


VBST (compatible with PVST, PVST+, and RPVST)

LNP (similar to DTP)

VCMP (similar to VTP)

For detailed interoperability certifications and test reports

Main Features

Automated Network Services: VXLAN-based virtualization automates deployment of Virtual Networks (VNs), achieving "one network for multiple purposes" and reducing OPEX by 80%.

Integrated Security Capabilities: The embedded security probes identify potential malicious traffic and collaborate with the CIS to achieve network-wide collaborative security protection.

Intelligent Network O&M: Collect device data in real time through Telemetry and collaborate with the campus network analyzer CampusInsight to quickly detect network problems that affect user experience.


To see the HUAWEI-H5731 datasheet click on the link


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