Router NE20E S2F Huawei
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Router NE20E S2F huawei 4 ports 10 G SFP + and 40 ports 1 G SFP

Router of 40 ports G SFP and 4 ports 10 G SFP +. It has two slot for cards. NE20E-S Universal Service Router. Switching capacity 320 Gbps. With two power supplies.

This equipment is out of EOM, so you only can buy cards or parts of it.

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The router NE20E S2F Huawei is a versatile mid-range routing platform for use in access and aggregation layers of enterprise campus area networks, with redundant, solid and energy-efficient hardware design to achieve high reliability.

The NE20E-S routers are based on Huawei's network processor (NP) chip and combine seamless routing and transmission with numerous network services and QoS functions: L2VPN, L3VPN, multicast and VPN multicast; Total compatibility with IPv6.

Select the 4, 8 or 16 slot compact chassis models operating in Huawei's latest VRP operating system for high-performance, high-performance edge routing




Switching capacity

320 Gbit/s

Forwarding performance

150 Mpps

Fixed port

4*10GE(SFP+) and 40*GE(SFP)

Number of slots


Dimensions (H x W x D)

89 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm (2 U)

Power Consumption

(in full configuration)

309 W (CC) 335 W (CA)

Weight (in full configuration)

9,4 kg (CC)

10,4 kg (CA)

Interface type

40 GE, 10 GE, GE/FE, OC-3c/STM-1c POS, OC-12c/STM-4c POS, OC-3/STM-1 POS Channelized, E1/CE1

Operating temperature

5 °C to 65 °C


  •  IGMPv1/v2/v3
  • IGMP snooping
  • IPv6 multicast
  • Static multicast routing
  • PIM-SM
  • MBGP


  • WRED
  • Five-level HQoS
  • VLL/PWE3 QoS

Main Features

  • The compact chassis design and the ability to operate reliably within the range of -40 ° F to 150 ° F (-40 ° C to 65 ° C) with up to 95% humidity achieve flexibility for the company and diverse environments of campus.
  • The Huawei NP chip supports numerous network services: NAT, IPsec, GRE, VS and networking IP / MPLS using IP access technology called "hard pipe".
  • Supports 1: N virtualization and satellite clusters to simplify network administration and reduce O & M costs; IP flow performance measurement technology monitors services in real time to achieve rapid failure detection.
  • Multiple levels of reliability of hardware, network and services (ISSU, NSR, FRR, BFD, etc.), which allows achieving a 99.999% carrier grade reliability and a fast recovery within 200 ms after a failure.


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