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The ONT Huawei HG8247U is an ONT of the dual band family, it has WIFI 802.11 a / n / ac (5G). It has a Qualcomm high-performance chipset. It has internal antennas and is MIMO 3 * 3 (5G). The ONT, optical network terminal, is a high-end residential gateway of the Huawei FTTH solution. With the use of GPON technology, ultra-wideband access is provided for residential users and small businesses. It presents high performance transmission capabilities to guarantee an excellent experience with VoIP, Internet and high definition video services.

The HG8247U provides two POTS ports, four GE / FE auto-adaptive Ethernet ports, a USB port, a CATV port and a Wi-Fi port.

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The ONT Huawei HG8247U is a dual band terminal, works in the two bands, 5G and 2.4G band, in the 5G band it has IEEE 802.11 WIFI / n / a and in the 2.4G band it has IEEE 802.11 b / g / n. It has internal antennas and is MIMO 3 * 3 in the 5G band, in the 2.4G band it is MIMO 2 * 2.

It has a Qualcomm chipset that gives better benefits.

The optical network terminals (ONT) of the EchoLife EG series are user devices in Huawei's FTTH (fiber to housing) solutions; they allow access to ultra-wideband for residential or small business users (SOHO) that use GPON technologies.

The ONT of the EchoLife EG series has POTS ports and FE / GE automatic negotiation Ethernet ports, which allows for high performance transmission capabilities.

Optimize services with future guarantees through the ONT of the EchoLife HG series and the new Huawei EG, which include three main categories: bridge, bridge + voice and gateway.

With the Felix application of Alea Soluciones, the configuration is automatic through the TR-069 protocol. The provision of the same is done through graphical interface at a very high level. It allows an effective provision of the services and commercial products that you have created as an operator for your clients. It allows to abstract from the low level of configuration of machines, systems or complex and heterogeneous environments. Felix configures the ONT at a high level with Data, Telephony and TV services, both IPTV and RF Overlay.





  • Optic Class B+
  • Wavelengths: US 1310nm, DS 1490n

  • WBF
  • FEC bidirectional
  • Wavelength blocking filter  (WBF)

  • Flexible mapping between GEM Port and TCONT
  • Consistent with the SN or password authentication defined in G.984.3


  • Ethernet port-based VLAN tags and tag removal
  • 1: 1 VLAN, N: 1 VLAN oR VLAN transparent transmission
  • QinQ VLAN
  • Limit on the number of learned MAC addresses
  • MAC address learning


  • Bandwidth 45-1000 MHz
  • Output resistance 75 ohms


  • Maximum REN: 4
  • G.711A/μ, G.729a/b, and G.722  encoding/decoding
  •  T.30/T.38/G.711 fax mode
  • DTMF
  • Emergency calls (with the SIP protocol)


  • IEEE 802.11 b / g / n (2.4 G)
  • IEEE 802.11 b / g / n / ac (5 G)
  • Beamforming
  • 3 x 3 MIMO (2.4 G)
  • 4 x 4 MIMO (5 G)
  • WMM
  • Multiple SSID
  • WPS
  • DFS
  • Air interface rate:

                      5 G: 1300 mbps

 Smart interconnection

  • Smart Wi-Fi coverage
  • SIP/H.248 auto-negotiation
  • Any port any service
  • Parental control  
  • 2/L3(IPv4) forwarding: 1G uplink, 2G downlink

Smart service

  • Smart Wi-Fi sharing:
                     Portal/802.1x authentication  
                     SoftGRE-based sharing  
  • Association of one account with two POTS ports

 Layer 3 features

  • PPPoE / IP estatic / DHCP
  • NAT / NAPT
  • Port forwarding
  • ALG, UPnP
  • DDNS / DNS server/ DNS client
  • IPv6/IPv4 dual stack, and DS-Lite
  • Static/Default routes
  • Multiple services on one WAN port


  • IGMP v2 / v3 proxy / snooping
  • Snooping MLD v1 / v2
  • Multicast services through Wi-Fi


  • Ethernet port rate limitation
  • 802.1p priority
  • SP / WRR / SP + WRR
  • Broadcast packet rate limitation


  • SPIFirewall
  • Filtering based on MAC / IP / URL adress

 Power saving

  • Dynamic power saving
  • Indicator power saving
  • Scheduled Wi-Fishutdown


Internal antennas



Maintenance management

Remotely managed using TR 069 by Felix


265 mm× 178 mm×79.5 mm

Services interfaces

2xPOTS+4xGE+USB+CATV+Wi-Fi (2.4 G) y (5 G) ac



Operating temperature

Temperature: 0°C  + 40°C

Operating humidity

Humidity: 5%-95%, without condensations

Power suply

11V-14V DC, 2A

Main Features

Port: 2 POTS + 4 GE + 1 USB +1 CATV + Wi-Fi 2.4 G / n and 5 G / AC

Internal antenna: It has two internal antennas.

Plug and play (PnP) function: Internet, IPTV and VoIP services can be implemented with a simple click on the NMS. No on-site configuration is required.

Remote diagnosis: remote fault location is implemented by testing the loop circuits of the POTS ports and emulating a call initiated by the NMS.

High speed transmission.

WLAN: In the 5G band you could get a speed on the air interface, WIFI, of 1300 Mbit / s (nominal theoretical speed).

Energy saving: 25% of energy consumption is saved with the highly integrated "system on chipset" (SOC) solution, in which a single chip is integrated with the LSW, gateway, voice and PON modules.


To see the ONT HG8247U datasheet click on the link


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