OLT HUAWEI 16 pons
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Service board OLT Huawei 16 pons for modular chassis. The service board supports SFP B +, C+ and C ++ optical modules. SFP C + have a minimum sensitivity of -33 dBm. Supports a spit ratio of 1: 128.

We have highly qualified personnel for its configuration and applications to manage and provision ONTs.

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Service boards OLT Huawei 16 pons and with different SFP: B +, C + and C ++

From Alea Soluciones we have highly qualified personnel for the configuration and start-up of the equipment as well as to offer a maintenance and support service.

With the Felix application of Alea Soluciones, the configuration of ONTs in the header is automatic through the TR-069 protocol. The provision of the same is done through graphical interface at a very high level. It allows an effective provision of the services and commercial products that you have created as an operator for your clients. It allows to abstract from the low level of configuration of machines, systems or complex and heterogeneous environments.




GPON port

16-GPON Port

 Specification GPON SFP Module 


B+ Module: One-fiber bi-directional optical module, class B+


C+ Module: One-fiber bi-directional optical module, class C+


C++ Module: One-fiber bi-directional optical module, class C++


Tx: 1490 nm, Rx: 1310 nm

 Port rate transmission

Tx: 2.49 Gbit/s, Rx: 1.24 Gbit/s

Maximum optical output power

B+ Module : 5.00 dBm

C+ Module: 7.00 dBm

C++ Module : 10.00 dBm

Maximum reception sensitivity

B+ Module : -28.00 dBm

C+ Module : -32.00 dBm

C++ Module : -35.00 dBm

 Optical connector type

B+/C+: SC/PC


 Maximum reach

20,00 Km

 Type of optical fiber

Singlemode fiber


22.86 mm x 237.00 mm x 395.40 mm

 Enviroment temperature

-25°C to +65°C

Average energy consumption

H802GPFD : 45 W

H803GPFD :  39 W

H805GPFD : 26 W

Maximum energy consumption

H802GPFD : 73 W

H803GPFD :  61 W

H805GPFD : 50 W

Maintenance functios

Remotely managed using TR 069 by Felix

Main Features

Huawei 16-GPON Port Interface Card including C + modules for Huawei MA5603T chassis, MA5600T and MA5608T

OLT signatureware available 3 versions: H802GPFD, H803GPFD and H805GPFD

Split ratio supported 1: 128

Transmission speed: 2.488Gbit / s, reception: 1.244Gbit / s

Interfaces type: SC / PC, SC / UPC

Maximum reach: 20KM

Transmission onset length: 1490nm

Receiving wavelength: 1310nm

To see Huawei GPON datasheet click on the link

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