eLTE Huawei eA280
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The eLTE Huawei eA280-135 indoor wireless gateway, compact client equipment (CPE), is a wireless gateway for acha LTE band access and for indoor use. It has access to broadband either by ethernet cable (RJ45) or by wireless for users, small businesses and utilities. The reception diversity function of its four antennas increases the internal signals, thus improving the quality and reliability of the wireless signal. VoIP complies with the requirements of the landline phone. It can be implemented indoors to provide services such as data collection and video surveillance.

It has the following ports: 2 Ethernet ports (RJ45) + 1 USB port + 1 SIM card slot and 1 phone port (RJ11).

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CPE eLTE Huawei eA280-135 indoor wireless gateway is primarily intended to provide wireless broadband data access services to users for the wISP market. The eA280 provides wireless routing for LTE-TDD and for LTE-FDD in band 7 and the conversion of LTE wireless data into Ethernet data, and vice versa. In the eA280 you can simultaneously configure wireless connections with 64 Wi-Fi devices (32 devices for 2.4 GHz and 32 for 5 GHz) and establish a local area network (LAN) by connecting to hubs and swtitch.





  • TDD 1.8G/ 2.3G/ 2.6G/ 3.5G/ 3.7G 

  • FDD 2.6G

External Ports

  • 2 Ethernet (RJ45) ports
  • 1  USB port
  • 1  Telephone port (RJ11)
  • 1 ranura para tarjeta SIM card slot

Transmit power

  • 23 dBm

Energy consumption

  • < 12 W


  • 95 mm x 295 mm x 210 mm


  • About 0,65 kg (excluding power adaptors)

 Working temperature

  • 0 ºC to +40 ºC 


  • DL 4 X 4 MIMO

Main Features

• Data service: The eA280 uses LTE broadband technologies to support high-speed access to the broadband network, backhaul data and video surveillance

• Voice service: Provides two telephone ports to which users can connect telephones to implement basic voice functions and complement them.

• Security services: Supports firewall and PIN password to protect your computer when you access the Internet.

• Firewall services: Supports the following firewall services: - Firewall switch: activates or deactivates firewalls. - Filtering of access control addresses to LAN (MAC) media: prevents the MAC addresses specified in a LAN from accessing the network. - Filtering the LAN IP address: prevents the specified IP addresses in a LAN from accessing the network. - URL filtering: prevents computers from accessing certain URLs.

• Local and remote management and maintenance


<p><a class="link-pdf" href="/documentacion/lte-280.pdf" title="Haga click aqu&iacute; para descargar Cat&aacute;logo">To see the datasheet of the CPE LTE eA280 click on the link</a></p>


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