EDFA GPON 16 ports of 22 dBm

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Amplifier EDFA GPON 16 ports of 22 dBm  (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier) is a combiner with 16 CATV + PON, FTTx output ports. Output power for each port of 22 dBm. It consists of a built-in WDM multiplexer. Ideal to guarantee an excellent solution for RF Overlay television (3rd window). It amplifies the lambda of 1550 nm and multiplexes it with the optical output of the GPON chassis.

Output with SC / APC connector. Input PON SC / APC. CATV input SC / APC.


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Amplifier EDFA GPON 16 ports of 22 dBm output ports, high performance, high output power (22 dB guaranteed) and low noise level. It works in the spectrum band of 1530 - 1565 nm. Each output port of the optical amplifier, SC / APC connector, has a built-in CWDM multiplexing. It has 16 PON input ports, with SC / PC connector, each of them can be joined with a PON output of the OLT. CATV connector connector SC / APC. Each optical output port at λ 1550nm is multiplexed with λ 1310/1490 nm. Ideal for TV solutions in RF Overlay (known as TV in 3rd window) in FTTx systems, to offer a triple play solution.

The EDFA of 16 PONS is a combiner with high linearity, optical isolation, DFB, laser thermoelectric cooling DFB. The machine is equipped with a stable light energy export circuit as well as a temperature stability control circuit and laser thermoelectric cooling device to ensure optimal laser performance and long-term stability. The microprocessor software monitors the status of the lasers, the operating parameters are displayed on the digital panel (VFD). The red light goes on to warn on the digital panel.




λ  CATV operation

1530~1565 nm

PON port operating wavelength(nm)

 1310/1490 nm

Losses λ of CATV

0.8 dB

Losses λ of OLT

0.8 dB

Isolation of CATV and OLT

40 dB

Input optical power CATV

- 10 to + 10 dBm

Output power for each port

6 to 23 dBm (22 dBm Guaranteed)

Adjustable range of output power

- 3 to 0 dBm

Noise figure (Pin = 0dBm)

 4.5 to 5 dB

Pérdida de la dependencia de la polarización

0.3 dB

Gain of dependence on polarization

0.4 dB

Isolation between input-output

30 dB

Optical connector (IN/OUT)


Operating temerature

0 to 65 ºC

Output total power

27 to 38 dBm

Power supply

90-265 vAC (220 VAC )- 30-72 vDC (-48vDC)

Power consumption

50 a 150 W


5 to 95 %



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Main Features

Ports: 16 output ports with CWDM

16 optical input ports used by the OLT and an optical 1550 CATV input port. Each output port for the optical amplifier has a high performance CWDM incorporated.

Cooling system: double cooling system to protect the laser pump.

Remote SNMP: It has an RJ45 port for SNMP Plug-in to perform remote management at any time.

JDSU, Bookham and Fitel: high performance laser.

LCD display: shows the parameters, functions and alarms.

Power supply: Double power supply in AC or DC. Working range 90V ~ 265V AC or 48V DC.


To see EDFA 16 pons user manual click on the link

To see CATV catalog click on the link


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