EDFA GPON 1 port of 18 dBm

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Amplifier EDFA GPON 1 port of 18 dBm (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier) with a CATV output port. Output power of 18 dBm. Ideal to guarantee an excellent solution for RF Overlay television at great distances. Amplifies the lambda of 1550 nm. Output and input with SC / APC connector.

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Amplifier EDFA GPON 1 port of 18 dBm optical output port, high performance, high output power (18 dB) and low noise level. It works in the spectrum band of 1545 - 1555 nm. Output port of the optical amplifier, SC / APC connector. CATV connector connector SC / APC. Ideal for TV solutions in RF Overlay (known as TV in 3rd window) over long distances

The EDFA is an amplifier with high linearity, optical isolation, DFB, laser thermoelectric cooling DFB. The machine is equipped with a stable light energy export circuit as well as a temperature stability control circuit and laser thermoelectric cooling device to ensure optimal laser performance and long-term stability. The microprocessor software monitors the status of the lasers, the operating parameters are displayed on the digital panel (VFD). The red light goes on to warn on the digital panel.





1545~1555 nm

Nominal Optical Input Power

 + 3 dBm

Optical Input Power

5 a to + 10 dBm

NF (+3 dBm, 1550 nm)

3.8 to 5.5 dB

Gain flatness

 <=+-0,3 dB

Optical Output Power Stability


Polarization Sensitivity

0.2 dB

Saturated Output Power

>= 18 dBm

Power supply

115-265 vAC (220 VAC )- 30-72 vDC (-48vDC)

Optical connector (IN/OUT)


Enviroment temperature

0 to 50 ºC


5 to 95 %


482.6×387×44 MM

Main Features

Ports: 1 port.

1 optical 1550 CATV input port. 1 output port for amplified TV.

High quality: The power has been optimized by software to minimize the EDF NF. To obtain a better CNR relationship.

Remote SNMP: It has SNMP to perform remote management at any time.

High performance laser: The state of the laser is controlled by a microprocessor.

Adjustable output power: Adjustable output power range (-3 dB).

LCD display: shows the operating parameters.

Power supply: Double power supply in AC or DC. Working range 85V ~ 265V AC or 48V DC. Chassis with automatic cooling control.


To see EDFA CATV manual click on the link

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