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Nivis is a complete telephony platform designed in software capable of providing complete control of calls (signaling and service management), call processing, and other services, over a packet-switched (IP) network.

It is a softswitch of telephony designed in software, on a Linux engine, that provides: Technology for TDM and VoIP, characteristics of SoftSwitch, functionalities of PBX, platform IVR and generation of CDR. It works with a complete list of VoIP protocols, with enough flexibility to interoperate in a multitude of environments and with equipment from different manufacturers.

Nivis is the ideal platform so that without needing technical knowledge you can create your own VoIP IP Telephony company. It has robustness, flexibility, security and escalabildiad which provides guarantees of operation in many environments, with continuous adaptation to new protocols and functions.

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In an IP telephony system the term "Softswitch" encompasses the computer processes that control the sessions, the medium (voice, video or messages) and services. In simple terms, the Softswitch separates the elements of the network (Hardware) from the control of the same (Software).

It consists of one or several machines (as you grow) that control VoIP traffic and even the gateways between traditional telephony and VoIP in which case they link both types of network and manage traffic. It also ensures that the signal is processed, depending on the type of media, which type of codec will be used in each session, or even transcoded from one codec to another. It is based on the SIP Protocol (Session Initiation Protocol) or Protocol H.323.


Main functionalities:

Provision of lines, groups, links, etc.

Activation / deactivation of telephony services

SIP signaling.

Specific SNMP management with MIBs.

Management console: calls in progress, processes, configurations, etc.

Main features:

Robustness: Both hardware and software.

Redundancy: Through redundancy of equipment giving the same service and / or shared databases / configurations.

Monitoring: monitorable / manageable via SNMP, console or by socket.

Operation: programmable backup / restore, generation of alarms as a preventive measure, configurable event log, etc.

Security: has an integrated firewall.

Scalability: the different services can be distributed among various equipment to adapt the resources of memory, disk, cards in a modular way.

Main Features

The main functionalities are the following:

User authentication

Automated response *

Black lists


Call diversion if busy number

Call forwarding if you do not answer

Call monitoring

Parking of calls

Call gluing *

Call recovery

Call routing

Call transference*

Call waiting

Caller ID

Caller ID during call waiting1

Voice Conference (Call 3)

Storage and recovery in Database

Do Not Disturb Function

Emergency calls

Flexible marking plan

Interactive vocal response (IVR) *

Local and remote agents *

Music on hold

Music in transfer *



Striking dial tone for message waiting

Add prefixes in output according to used Trunk

* Exclusive features with the Virtual PBX module
1 depending on the SIP terminal used



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